Deep Sleep: The third and final pillar to healthy living

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Quality sleep is often the missing component to a healthy lifestyle.

The importance of deep sleep to a healthy lifestyle cannot be understated. Take action today by investing in an adjustable massage bed.

Most doctors and sleep experts agree that 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night is necessary to function well during the day.

Yet new research has shown that on average, Australians are getting only 6.5 hours of sleep a night. Up to 12% are clocking 5.5 hours or less.

This is wholly deficient and has led to more than 7 million Australians suffering from a kind of permanent jet lag.

As one can expect, poor sleep habits rob individuals of vital time for bodily repair and have a widespread impact: from loss of productivity to physical and mental health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, depression and much more.

However, it is also impacting our community at large, with Deloitte Access Economics estimating a cost of $66 billion to the Australian economy.

Chart I: Components of total cost due to inadequate sleep in Australia 2016-17

“Just like obesity, smoking, drinking too much and not exercising enough, sleep problems cause real harm in our community,” said Dr David Hillman (Director, Sleep Health Foundation)

It comes as no surprise then that poor sleep is claiming the lives of 3000 Australians a year; a frightening but very real statistic from the Sleep Health Foundation.

Source: (Asleep on the job: Costs of inadequate sleep in Australia, Sleep Health Foundation, 2017)

What can I do?

As we mature, getting a deep-rested sleep become less of a priority which often contributes to the common misconception that poor sleep is simply a fact of life in old age.

This is simply not true, and we take pride in educating Australians on how they can achieve a better quality of life without over-the-counter prescriptions or surgery that might cost you an arm and a leg.

The simple and less invasive solution is a Superior Lifestyle adjustable massage bed complete with a memory foam, pressure-relieving mattress.

It’s also important to remember that just because we’re getting the right quantity of sleep, doesn’t always mean we’re getting the best quality of sleep.

Finding the ideal bed and mattress for your needs – and those of your significant other – could significantly improve your quality of sleep and make your waking hours happier, healthier and even more productive.

With over 1000 positions to explore, the Superior Lifestyle adjustable massage bed is the perfect solution to creating the optimal conditions and environment for effective sleep performance.

To find out more information about our adjustable beds and massage chairs, call 1300 825 931 to speak with one of our sleep specialists today.

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