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Our Soflex® Neck & Shoulder Cradle Pillow is designed to correct your posture during sleep and eliminate dreaded neck and shoulder pain upon waking. Informed by basic human anatomy and the latest sleep research, the Soflex® Neck & Shoulder Cradle Pillow changes the game for good and makes getting a good night's sleep a reality.

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Our Soflex® Neck & Shoulder Cradle Pillow comes with a zippable fabric cover made from natural, lyocell fibres that is softer than cotton and less susceptible to odourous bacteria growth. Made in an environmentally conscious process, the result is a breathable and hygienic fabric that helps you sleep at more even temperatures all year round. 

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Unlike most conventional pillows that just aim to please by being soft and comfy, the Soflex® Neck & Shoulder Cradle Pillow is ergonomically designed with raised side panels that hug your neck in its natural and proper alignment. This is true for both back and side sleepers with a 65 degree convex angle that accommodates any position you lay your head to rest. 

A panel protrudes at a 75 degree angle in the centre of the pillow to cushion the neck and top of your spine. This wedge is critical for allowing your muscles to fully relax and recover over night. It also encourages better airflow and minimises snoring by keeping your spine in its natural alignment, no matter what position you're sleeping in. 

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Our Soflex® Neck & Shoulder Cradle Pillow also carries the CertiPUR-US® certification meaning it's made with memory foam that is free from harmful chemicals, formaldehyde, ozone depleters and heavy metals. This gives you confidence that you're purchasing a safe product that is kind to the planet and kind to your health.

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Real People. Real Results.

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