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Our Original Dual Core Soflex Mattress remains a staple in our range with the complementary Silk Floss Topper for added comfort. Approved by Occupational Therapists, the Original Soflex® Mattress is the preferred choice for postural support and firmness.

✅ Suits any adjustable bed base
✅ Dual core with improved air flow design
✅ 3" air memory foam (cool-gel infused)
✅ 7" high density postural support foam 
✅ Detachable silk floss mattress topper 

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Our Hybrid Soflex® Mattress builds on our first generation, with twice tempered, individually cased springs designed to flex with ease on our adjustable beds. Complete with quilted bamboo cover, the Hybrid Soflex® Mattress is our most luxurious mattress.

✅ Suits any adjustable bed base
✅ 2" air memory foam with air flow design
✅ 2" high density postural support foam
✅ 6" twice tempered pocket springs
✅ Quilted organic bamboo cover

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Our Quad Core Soflex® Mattress combines all the benefits of memory foam with the buoyancy of latex for a truly supportive mattress. The box edge supports a safe transfer on and off the bed and the ice silk mattress cover reduces heat retention, making our Quad Core Soflex® Mattress are most advanced mattress yet.

✅ Suits any adjustable bed base
✅ 4" air memory foam and natural latex
✅ 5" high density postural support foam
✅ Cool-to-touch ice silk mattress cover

✅ Anti-roll box-edge support

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Buying a new mattress can be daunting. Our team are fully trained to help you make the right decision for your needs and explore a variety of affordable payment options. Click the link above to speak with us today!

Our affordable and superior adjustable beds, pressure reduction mattresses, lift assist recliner chairs and vibration therapy equipment are adored by thousands of Australians

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Real People. Real Results.

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