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Top 3 Sleep Myths Debunked! 🤔🤓

Healthy deep sleep isn't just essential for “beauty rest”, it also aids in revitalising the brain and major organs of the body so that they can function as intended.

Sleep deprivation can affect your decision-making, memory, performance, safety and mood. So ask yourself, are you getting enough sleep? The truth is not many people are and in this article, we will debunk some of the most common sleep myths.


1. "I can just snooze more on the weekends to make up for inadequate sleep during the week"

This approach can only help in relieving a fraction of a sleep deficit. It will never make up for a lack of hours during weeknights. In fact, it can negatively affect your sleep-wake cycle and you will certainly find it more difficult getting up early on Monday mornings. In other words, if your sleep performance is poor during the week, you will still wake up feeling tired and fatigued on weekends.

2. "Lacking one hour of sleep each night doesn't affect me during the day"

Some people may believe that an hour's sleep less each night is insignificant. However, the medical research in this field begs to differ. You may not feel sleepy during the day, especially if you're drinking one or two coffees, but even the slightest cutback in your hours of sleep can impinge on your ability to think clearly and react quickly.

In the long run, sleep deprivation of any proportion compromises your energy balance, cardiovascular health and immune system. You will notice a severe impact on your circadian rhythms (i.e. the physical, mental, and behavioral changes that follow a daily cycle) which can lead to serious mishaps like sending the wrong email to a client, being late to meetings or God forbid, a road accident.

3. "I can fall asleep anywhere. My body easily adjusts to changes in my sleep cycle"

If you are somebody who can fall asleep almost anywhere, you might consider yourself lucky. However, that isn't necessarily a good thing. In most circumstances, you will only be in a light stage of sleep, which does not provide the sort of replenishment your body and brain requires. At the very least, you need the right conditions and environment for sustaining a deep level of sleep where your body can secrete the growth hormone, which is associated with cellular rebuilding and repair.


How can we help?

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