Adjustable Massage Beds

Our adjustable massage beds are specially designed for people suffering with disabilities and/or health concerns. Using vibrational therapy along with head and leg elevation, you can achieve positional relief which may alleviate pressure of vital organs of the body; improving circulation and recovery. Australian made, highly durable materials and thorough ergonomics are why so many of our clients have witnessed great results.


Deluxe Adjustable Bed Features

Rise and shine

Make mornings easier with gentle head and leg elevation for positional pain-relief and greater accessibility. Explore over 1000 positions and program your favourites for reading or watching television. 

Drift away

Forget about counting sheep. Drift away into a deep-sleep with soothing full-body massage, pre-programmed wave functions and three levels of vibration intensity. You can also time the massage to 10, 20 and 30 minutes helping you save on energy consumption. 

Recharge and renergise 

The new deluxe adjustable bed comes with two side mounted USB ports, capable of recharging all of your electronic devices so that you can stay connected.

Superior wireless bed remote

Our quality wireless bed remote lights up in the dark for ease of access. Featuring a slim contoured design and easy to understand functions. 

Additional Features 

  • Independent head and foot lift

  • German designed OKIN motors

  • Two zone massage vibration

  • Supports up to 205 kilograms

  • Preset Zero-G and flat positions

  • Two customisable preset positions

  • Built-in LED torch on remote

  • Under-bed LED lighting

  • Wall hugging design

  • Bottom surround shroud

  • Solid steel legs (15 or 23cm tall)

Adjustable Massage Bed Range


Our sales attest to the fact that our unique beds are as durable as they are attractive and supremely comfortable. Below you can view the various top-of-the-range models we offer and their individual features that are bound to match your needs. Remember, here at Superior Therapy, we value quality and will ensure that your product maintains its durability at all times.

Ordinary Bed - No Support

Correct, well supported positioning during sleep can help you to sleep more naturally, breath more easily and improve the way you allow your body to relax and regenerate.

If you prefer to sleep flat our beds also come with cycloidal vibration technology to improve and relax your muscles while you sleep!

Superior Bed - Full Body Support

Leg swelling - Raise legs by 15-30 deg

Hiatus hernia & Gastric Reflux - raise head by 15-30 deg

Stress, aches and pains - raise legs and head by 15-30 

The Semi Fowler Position - for the best's night sleep raised head and legs in line

Superior Bed Health Benefits

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 TGA certified 
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Who we are

Superior Lifestyle is a well-established and trusted provider of registered medical devices, including electric massage beds, electric massage chairs, mattresses and CV Therapy portables.
Our products are specially designed to alleviate symptoms of pain and discomfort. Our mission is to empower all of Australia's seniors in staying mobile and independent within their own homes.

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