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Understanding the Benefits of "Zero-Gravity" Sleep ✨👨🏻‍🚀

Gravity may keep us grounded, but it also weighs us down.

For some, it can actually be the barrier preventing them from a peaceful night's sleep.

That's why we've made it our mission to help you achieve a better quality of life through our premium range of adjustable beds.

In this blog post, we unpack the science behind our adjustable beds, what zero gravity positioning really means and how it might help you achieve a better quality of life through deep sleep.

Three critical factors to deep sleep: Position! Position! Position!

It is widely accepted that a supportive mattress is critical to longer lasting, deep sleep. But our position throughout the night plays an equally important role that is often overlooked.

For centuries we have resorted to lying flat on our backs in order to rest and recuperate. But technology has since evolved to help us achieve better results for the mind, body and soul. The question is: why aren’t we using it?

When we consider the impact that gravity can have on our bodies (by compressing our spines, tensing up other muscles and increasing our recovery time) an adjustable bed that conforms to our natural body shape makes complete sense.

Couple that with Zero Gravity Positioning and our adjustable beds are the perfect solution to this problem, helping to neutralise the effects of gravity and accelerate sleep recovery.

What is Zero Gravity Positioning?

In order to land on the moon, NASA's top space engineers and scientists carried out a substantial volume of research into the inner workings of the human body.

One of their critical discoveries was the body's behaviour and response to a lack of gravitational pull. In this environment, the body assumes a natural position that minimises the strain on our muscles and organs.

NASA then took this information and developed a reclined seating position in its space shuttles to mitigate the effect of increased G-force during lift off.

In doing so, their astronauts were placed in a state of weightlessness - their body weight equalised and NASA was able to minimise excessive pressure on the human body.

The findings of this research continues to inform engineers across the world in multiple industries from automobiles and airplanes, to office chairs, footwear and bed frames.

Our adjustable beds take full advantage of this discovery and with just the touch of a button, help you move into a position that mimics the weightless support and pressure-free sensation of floating in space.

When you’re in zero gravity, your thighs and torso are perfectly aligned and your knees are elevated to bring your toes in line with your heart.

Now that we know what Zero Gravity Positioning is all about, we can unpack the many ways our adjustable beds have helped our customers.

1. Improve Breathing & Reduce Snoring

If you suffer from allergies, asthma, sleep apnoea or other respiratory illnesses, our adjustable beds have helped others achieve a night of unbroken sleep.

This is especially true for Rozanne Oliff, who would experience shortness of breath and tend to cough after lying down flat on her back.

For some, lying down on a flatbed causes the tissues and excess fat around our necks to soften and partially obstruct the airways. As air then travels to and from our lungs, the tissues vibrate, resulting in minor to major disruptions to our sleep.

In the worst possible scenario, a total blockage of our airways could prevent the body from getting enough oxygen and lead to life-threatening injuries such as brain damage or heart-attack.

With the Zero Gravity Positioning available in our adjustable beds, our customers have been able to elevate the torso to their individual comfort and alleviate the impact of downward pressure on their lungs and airways.

It allows for more natural and relaxed breathing throughout the night, which is often the missing ingredient for those of us who struggle to achieve R.E.M. sleep.

2. Improve Blood Circulation & Heart Health

Here’s a fun fact for you: your heart will beat around 115,000 times a day and pump 7,500 litres of blood around the body.

In doing so, it helps maintain homeostasis, fight against disease and nourish the body with vital nutrients such as amino acids, electrolytes, oxygen and hormones.

If anything, sleep time is an opportunity for our cardiovascular system to rest and replenish rather than work harder, which is why zero gravity positioning is so important.

By sleeping at an angle of 120-degrees, our customers have been able to reverse the effects of gravity and promote greater blood circulation from head to toe.

Blood feels gravity, too. On Earth, blood pools in the feet. When people stand, the blood pressure in their feet can be high -- about 200 mmHg (millimeters of mercury)... In space, where the familiar pull of gravity is missing, the head-to-toe gradient vanishes, ("Gravity Hurts (So Good)", NASA, 2001).

Fluids that pool in the lower legs after a long day of sitting or standing are directed back through the body, helping to flush out lymph nodes, stimulate digestion and release toxins.

All of these effects help minimise pressure and strain on the heart. It is simply a win-win for positive sleep hygiene and healthy bodily function.

So, whether you are a victim of puffy eyes or more serious health issues such as lymphedema and diabetes, our adjustable beds may assist you by increasing blood flow and lymphatic circulation.

3. Improve Mobility & Spinal Health

Last but by no means least, our adjustable beds offer many health benefits for the spine, especially when compared to the traditional flat beds most of us still use.

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By cradling the body in a supported posture, the spine is encouraged to decompress and thereby minimises the pull on surrounding tissues.

It also has the effect of reducing pressure on our intervertebral discs, which is critical to spinal health and lessens the potential for nerve impingement (i.e. pinched nerves).

Put simply, customisable sleep positioning helps the spine loosen and relax, which in today’s world cannot be understated. For some, it delivers much needed relief from pain in the lower back and neck.

Our adjustable beds have proven to be the answer to “morning stiffness”, tight muscles and cramps, along with many other health issues that impede our sleep performance.


How can we help?

If you suffer from chronic pain, poor blood circulation or respiratory illnesses, our Class IA medical devices listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods may offer you some genuine relief.

Our adjustable beds and superior mattresses are crafted from the finest materials and use the latest technology for positional pain-relief. Click here to hear from our happy customers.

With one-touch zero gravity positioning and relaxing whole-body-vibration therapy, our premium range of assistive technology are the simple solution to a better quality of life.

We have also invested in Cyclonic Vibration Therapy, which has helped so many minimise their dependence on sleeping pills and pain-killers. Compared to traditional massage devices, our CV Health Systems use less invasive technology to soothe aches and pains.

At Superior Lifestyle, we are passionate about improving Australia's sleep deficit. Call 1300 825 931 today to speak with one of our experienced Sleep Specialists. Better sleep, starts now.



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