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Belinda S 
Managing Director

Superior Lifestyle was founded in March 2008 by current Managing Director, Belinda. After accumulating decades of knowledge and experience in customer service, massage technologies and pain management solutions, Belinda embarked on an ambitious career move by launching her own business in aged care assistance and massage therapy. 

With the backing of her family and dedicated team, the business has since grown nationwide and has been certified by the Therapeutic Goods Administration as an authorised provider of medical devices. From humble beginnings in South East Queensland, to dispatching goods across five States, Superior Lifestyle is well-established and well-recognised for its customer service, advanced technology and affordable prices. 

After ten years in good business, a couple of sharks and a lot of lessons learned, Superior Lifestyle enters a new decade by affirming its commitment to becoming Australia's leading and most trusted provider in aged care, massage comfort and pain-management solutions.

Our founder and current Managing Director, Belinda Sidhu, alongside Logan City Mayor, Luke Smith, for the grand opening of Superior Lifestyle's National Head Office in October, 2016. 

An Australian grown business supporting localised jobs and communities

Guaranteed workmanship and extended warranties on all of our products

A dedicated Customer Care team based in Queensland, Australia

Positive health benefits and customer reviews

Ethical sales practice and enforcement policies to maintain integrity

Ongoing investment and research into product development

In that pursuit, Superior Lifestyle agrees to uphold three core beliefs, namely:

  1. empowering senior citizens to stay at home longer,

  2. offering tailored pain-management solutions, and

  3. promoting the wellness and inclusion of senior citizens in our society.

Over the next decade, Superior Lifestyle shares a vision to:

  1. empower Australia's seniors and help preserve their wellness, independence and overall quality of life for as long as possible through ongoing product development and research,

  2. contribute to the Australian economy through on-shore manufacturing, job opportunities and Australian business partnerships, and

  3. become Australia's most trusted provider in aged care, massage therapy and pain-management solutions.

Under the continued guidance of the company's founder, Superior Lifestyle promises to have an exciting couple of years ahead with special promotions, new partnerships and new medical devices! We hope you'll join us for the journey. Subscribe to our mailing list for special offers, updates and much more.

Who we are

We are Australia's number one provider of home care and pain management solutions, on a mission to improve health and well-being through quality sleep. Continue reading...

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