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Join us on our mission to improve Australia's #SleepDeficit

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Superior Lifestyle has spent the last decade helping Australians achieve a better quality of life through deep sleep.

We began our journey in 2008 after identifying three core values that were noticeably missing from the aged care industry: 


We know the industry is rife with deceit and false promises. That's why we set out to be Australia's most trustworthy provider of pain management solutions. We build long-lasting relationships based on trust and transparency.  

Premium Quality

We have spent the last decade investing in product design and innovation to ensure that you receive a top quality product that you love. Our commitment to quality, allows us to offer extended warranties, so that you can shop with confidence.


We understand that our customers come from different walks of life and often require our products for health reasons. That's why we offer repayment plans and a variety of concessions that make a better quality of life affordable for everyone.

Our Vision


Our vision is to see more Australians living a life they love


Empowered by our adjustable beds, superior mattresses and lift recliner chairs, we believe that assistive technology is the answer to improving Australia's sleep deficit.

We've helped thousands of Australians achieve a better quality of life and would love the opportunity to help you too!

Who we are

We are Australia's favourite provider of home care and pain management solutions. Our mission is to improve Australia's sleep deficit through our assistive technology. Continue reading...

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