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Top 3 reasons to buy an adjustable bed

If you've ever been curious or even skeptical about what an adjustable bed can do... this post is for you!

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If you find yourself looking for a new mattress every few years, the problem might be your flat bed!

We've been around long enough — before NDIS and Home Care Packages — to know the many ways an adjustable bed and pressure care mattress can improve sleep.

But for the general public, understanding the benefits of an adjustable bed and actually believing them are two different things.

This is especially true for those of us who don't live with a disability or immediate health concern.

If you've ever been curious or even skeptical about what an adjustable bed can do for the average Aussie, stay with us.

To you we say: the time is now. Good quality sleep is essential for good health — an aid to recovery that simply cannot afford to wait.

So without further ado, here are the top 3 ways our Soflex Adjustable Beds and Pressure Care Mattresses help transform sleep for just about anybody.

1. Adjustable beds help you wind down

In today's modern world, our brains are wired for a frantic existence.

We are constantly comparing ourselves to others, filling our heads with excessive information and barely digesting any of it.

The number one reason you should invest in a Soflex Adjustable Bed is to establish a night time routine and calm a busy mind before bed.


Humanity has come a long way since the age of the caveman. We no longer need to hunt for food or fight off wild animals to survive.

The last 100 years are even more impressive, with global poverty rates at record lows, more girls finishing school than ever and more lives being saved from natural disasters, deadly diseases and war.

Unfortunately, human beings are highly responsive to fear, meaning good news stories like these barely gain any traction.

Our brains are easily consumed by negative emotions and with the sheer pace and complexity of modern life, we end up pushing our feelings aside in order to chip away at our never-ending to do list.

As a result, it can feel impossible some nights to switch off and fall asleep. If this is true for you, remember this is normal human behaviour; but it doesn't have to be.

A criminally understated feature, available on all of our adjustable bed bases, is the whole body massage vibration massage.

"The massage setting is so relaxing," (Sandra Day, 2022)

With just the press of a button, world-class motors built into the adjustable bed base cycle through a high, medium or low intensity, sending gentle vibration waves through the mattress to reach your body.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

It might sound like a magic trick, but this effect provides a therapeutic sensation (similar to a massage) and helps you prepare for sleep.

The motors operate at a frequency that gives your busy mind an equilibrium to tune into, which in turn helps to block out persistent thoughts.

You can forget all your worries, including any drain on electricity, with the 10, 20 or 30 minute timer and automatic shut off.

Are you a believer yet? If you think it sounds a little overrated, just look at the actual evidence; our recent Google reviews with customers expressing their adoration for the vibration massage therapy on our adjustable beds.

You see, when Einstein said "everything in life is vibration," what he was saying was everything in its purest and most basic form, consists of one cosmic energy.

What better way to tap into this life energy than through the vibration therapy on our adjustable beds?

2. Adjustable beds help you increase REM sleep

If there is a hell, we're pretty sure it involves restless nights and insomnia.

Although we tend to focus on the amount of sleep we get, the old adage proves true; it is the quality of sleep that really matters.

That's why the second top reason you should invest in a Soflex Adjustable Bed is to increase your chances of REM sleep.


Most of us are able to recognise and curb common factors that contribute to broken sleep, such as bright lights, screen time before bed, alcohol and coffee.

But there are some people that experience very minor disruptions to their sleep without even realising it.

People with obstructive sleep apnoea, for example, will literally stop breathing for such a short period of time, they don't even know it's happening!

We won't unpack the dangers of broken sleep in this post, but there is a mounting body of evidence that suggests sleeping on your back might be the key.

With the power to customise the position you're sleeping in, you unlock a whole new world and a level of comfort that can be optimised night after night, and year after year.

It's called Positional Pain Relief (PPR) and with just the press of a button, world-class motors built under the adjustable bed base can help you achieve optimal support for your body.

PPR is still relatively unheard of and we put that down to the current market and being spoilt for choice.

Today you can find a mattress "designed for" side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers — you name it!

But like most trending products, these mattresses don't solve the problem; they just they kick can down the curb.

The truth nobody wants to hear is... there are well known benefits to sleeping on your back and with an adjustable bed, you can train your body to sleep comfortably on your back all night long for maximum recovery.

Think about it... when we wake up in the middle of the night just to roll over, it's our body signalling the brain that we're uncomfortable.

If you're lucky, you're dead to the world and don't feel a thing, but if you're not so lucky, you probably have an unhealthy addiction to coffee.

Not to mention, according to Dr Harriest Hiscock at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, we don't toss and turn when we're in REM sleep.

"When we are in [REM] sleep we tend to dream and our body is semi-paralysed, so we can't roll over..." says Dr Harriet Hiscock, paediatric sleep specialist at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne.

So if we are self-proclaimed "side sleepers" (which is 55% of us according to an Australian study in 2019), perhaps we're not reaching the deepest stages of REM sleep as often as we think.

Depending on your age and appetite for change, it can be difficult to unlearn these habits that we have settled into from decades of sleeping in a flat bed.

Thankfully our Soflex Adjustable Beds and Pressure Care Mattresses have made it much easier for Australians to get a better night's sleep by:

✅ cradling the spine in its natural alignment,

✅ alleviating compression in the lower back,

✅ encouraging blood flow back into the upper body,

✅ expanding the diaphragm for unobstructed breathing, and

✅ improving neck and head support.

It's a no-brainer.

3. Adjustable beds make mornings easier

Morning comes, your alarm goes off and it’s time to wake up...

How do you wake up?

  • 0%Hit snooze on the alarm and hide under the pillows 🙈

  • 0%Grab my phone and check social media for a short while 👀

  • 0%Spring into action, ready to tackle the day 💪

Getting out of bed can be tough, but it doesn’t have to be torture.

The third top reason to invest in a Soflex Adjustable Bed is so you can make mornings easier and seize the day.


There are a million and one factors that play into our quality of sleep and how we feel when we wake up. We have covered a few already, but the cold hard truth is every night is different.

You might fix the tap that drips on the tiles every night or the gap under the door that brings in too much light, but these are just pieces of the puzzle.

We make millions of micro-decisions every day and that plays a role in how we wind down in the evening. For some, it can have a compounded effect or what is now being recognised by health professionals as "sleep inertia".

If you wake up and feel groggy for a while after, you'll know what we're talking about. It's not quite the same thing as having a poor night's sleep.

But what if we told you feeling refreshed in the morning isn’t only about what you do the night before?

The next time you wake up on struggle street ready to hit snooze, don't.

With our Soflex Adjustable Bed, you have all the tools at your fingertips to get your blood pumping and body moving.

Simply switch on the vibration therapy to wake up your muscles and, if time permits, practice some breathing exercises on YouTube for a challenge.

It's all about routine. Find your groove and commit to it.

If you're up before sunrise, the under bed light and remote torch can help you avoid an accident (or stubbed toe) and the remote control pocket makes it easy to find.

Not to mention, there are plenty of secondary benefits to sleeping on your back such as:

(1) Lowering the chances of deepening wrinkles and fine lines — studies have identified a link between the way you sleep and wrinkles; if you sleep in a way that involves squashing your face into a pillow, you may find fine lines more noticeable the next morning.

(2) Reducing the overall appearance of puffy eyessleeping on your back and a degree of upper body elevation can prevent blood from pooling under your eyes while you sleep and reduce the appearance of puffy eyes when you wake up.

(3) Relieving sinus build-up and strengthening your immune system — sleeping face up helps to relieve congestion but we tend to forget this when we're sick and tired; try sleeping with your head above your heart to decrease the build-up of mucus.

We all know the feeling when we're are looking our best. Why not strive for that every day?

Plus, with two USB ports on either side of the bed, you'll find more time to sleep and less time spent fumbling with cords!

Mornings made easier with our Soflex Adjustable Beds.

In short...

The biggest joke we've ever told ourselves is "you can sleep when you're dead". In our humble opinion, a life without deep sleep is not worth living.

In Australia, adjustable beds have been pigeon holed as "hospital beds" and "medical devices"for the elderly and disabled. That is until now.

Our collective focus on health has prompted new interest from Gen X (ages 41 to 56) and even Millenials (ages 25 and 40), and soon Australians will follow trends in America, the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada by investing in an adjustable bed for positional pain relief and soothing vibration therapy.

Our Soflex Adjustable Beds have all the latest technology for targetting acute pain points in our neck, shoulders and lumbar spine; whilst our Soflex Mattress Range comes in two distinct styles designed in collaboration with leading Allied Health Professionals for the best bodily support.

Our Soflex Adjustable Beds & Mattresses have universal appeal for Australians of any age and profile.

Still not sure? Call our team of experts in Assistive Technology today on 1300 825 931 and ask us any questions. You'll soon discover the simple solution to a better quality of life.


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