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Does sleeping flat do more damage than good?

More Aussies are investing in mobility aids and recliner chairs but are they worthwhile or simply a mancave necessity?

In this three-part series, we explain why a mobility lift recliner chair from Superior Lifestyle is your next best health investment.


Written by Sid, Sleep Specialist, 20 January 2020

I know I'm not the only one who is prone to sleeping in the movies or in front of the TV.

If you're not vertically challenged, you might even find you can get comfortable sleeping on a plane.

For the rest of us, economy class is simply a brutal reminder of how much difference a couple of inches could make.

If you've ever wondered why reclining your car seat or laying in a hamock is so comfortable, keep reading.

The answer lies in our anatomy and over the next few weeks, we will explore how our mobility lift recliner chairs can make all the difference to your quality of life.


Does sleeping flat do more damage than good?

For centuries, it has made sense to lie down flat and fall asleep.

Not only does this help to slow down our heart rate, it also allows our spines to decompress after a long day of twists and turns.

Our ancestors did not have the luxury of sleeping in a mobility lift recliner chair... but if they did, we can't help but wonder, would there be less barriers to getting a quality night's sleep?

Barriers like, for example, sleep apnoea, gastric reflux and sciatica: all health issues commonly resolved by repositioning the body.

Whether or not flat beds are to blame, it's no secret that back problems are having a colossal impact on our productivity.

"Low back pain is the leading cause of disability globally – with more than 540 million people affected by activity-limiting low back pain at any one time," (Monash University, 2018).

According to a study by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in 2018, around 16% of the population suffer from varying degrees of back pain.

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That equates to roughly 4 million Australians, who have been estimated by Monash University to spend $4.8 billion a year on managing the side effects of static posture.

These statistics illustrate the importance of preventative measures that promote good posture all day and all night.

Band-aid solutions like paracetamol or aggravating massages, ought to be replaced with investments on your money.

When you consider that 80% of us will suffer from some form of back pain during our lifetime, the benefits of a Superior Mobility Chair become glaringly obvious.

In our next blog post, we take a trip to the moon 🚀🌖 to better understand the human body and what we really mean when we talk about "Zero Gravity Positioning".

superior lifestyle offers 24-7 in home therapy with quality luxury lift recliner chairs ndis approved independence health wellbeing

How can we help?

If you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety or stress, our Class IA Medical Devices listed in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods may offer you some genuine relief.

Our adjustable beds, pressure relieving mattresses and mobility lift recliner chairs combine premium quality and the latest technology for positional pain-relief that actually works.

Coupled with thermo-heat and whole body vibration therapy, our full range of products are truly the simple solution to a better quality of life.

Don't just take it from us, find out what our customers have to say by clicking here.

We are passionate about improving Australia's sleep deficit and have a dedicated team of Sleep Specialists ready to answer your questions. To find out more information, including your eligibility for our concessions, call us on:

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