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with the Deluxe Adjustable Bed

With German brand OKIN motors, solid steel construction and an impressive wall-hugging feature to maximise space, this bed offers all the health benefits of a hospital bed, without the eye sore. Complete with a wireless remote and double decker shroud, the Deluxe Adjustable Bed is the simple solution to a better quality of life.  



Long Double

Dual Queen

54" x 74"

54"x 80"

30" x 80" x 2

138 x 188cm

138 x 203cm

76 x 203cm x 2

Dual Queen, Dual King and California King Available

🚶‍♂️ Improve mobility

Flat beds are known to aggravate back pain, spinal injuries and sciatica.

Using the pre-set Zero Gravity position to support your spine's natural curvature, you can relieve pain and discomfort for a longer lasting sleep.


Plus with a true wall-hugging feature, you can stay within arms distance from your surroundings.

Do not disturb 😴

Experience TRUE zero partner disturbance, with our dual system Queen, King and California King sizes.

It's perfect for couples with different sleeping preferences!


Plus with our Pressure Care Mattresses, made from memory foam to cradle and support your body, you'll never feel a thing.

Key Features

TV / Social Media Position



Rise and shine 🌞

Make your mornings easier with gentle head and leg elevation for positional pain-relief and greater accessibility.


Explore over 1000 positions and save your favourites for reading or watching television. 

Forget about counting sheep.

Drift away into a deep-sleep with soothing full-body massage, pre-programmed wave functions and three levels of vibration intensity.


You can also time the massage to 10, 20 and 30 minutes helping you save on energy consumption. 

😴 Drift into sleep

Two Zone, Three Speed Vibration Therapy

USB Charge Station

Recharge your life 🔋

Recharge your body and your devices at the same time, with four
USB Type A ports. 
Coupled with under bed LED lighting, it is the perfect companion for studying, writing emails or working from home!

Other Specs

✔   True Zero Partner Disturbance

✔   Envirofriendly powder coater protection

✔   Premium quality double deck design

✔   Customisable preset positions (x2)

✔   Easy touch and backlit wireless remote control

✔   Built-in torch on remote control

✔   Solid steel frame construction

✔   Weight capacity of 250kg

✔   Adjustable legs at 15cm or 23cm tall 

✔   Dual system remote synchronisation

Our Superior Mattress Range defines a new standard of comfort and support.

With space engineered memory foam technology, hypoallergenic materials and now the option for alloy steel pocket springs, our range caters to every body shape and size. 

Use the form to request a tailored price. We'll determine your eligibility for concessions and send you more information on our special promotions!

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Why You Will 

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Our Superior

 Adjustable Beds 

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Improve your

sleep quality with positional pain relief and a mattress to die for.

Use vibration therapy to get your blood pumping and ready for full day of action. 

"Sleep is the best form of meditation" - Dalai Lama

The power of sleep should not be underestimated.

Explore over 1000 positions and experience true zero partner disturbance.

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We are Australia's number one provider of home care and pain management solutions, on a mission to improve health and well-being through quality sleep. Continue reading...

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