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Buyer Beware! Couple share painful ordeal with TV Shop

In a candid testimonial, Ross describes his remorse and regret after cancelling his order with Superior Lifestyle, on the promise of a "free 30 day trial" with TV Shop.

A lesson learned - don't be afraid to ask for the terms and conditions.

In hindsight, Ross can't be blamed. He didn't even get a chance to read the fine print before he was bound to his purchase.

The innocent victim? Ross's wife Yvonne, who at 152cm tall, found herself trapped between the encatchment that outrageously appeared when elevating their TV Shop bed.

When the couple sought to return the bed, they were forced to jump through numerous hoops and slapped with exorbitant fees that left them out of pocket by almost $2,000.

Within a matter of days, Ross was on the phone with us asking for our help to return his purchase. We were more than happy to assist Ross and his wife, who have kindly shared their experience during this ordeal in the letter below.

This review serves as an important reminder to players in the market for an adjustable bed. For the very best in comfort, quality and customer care, choose Superior Lifestyle.


Ross and Yvonne Stuart

402/42 Queen Street

Kings Beach

QLD 4551

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Ross Stuart and I am writing to express my experience with Superior Lifestyle.

I was initially invited by Superior Lifestyle to an in-home consultation on how to stay mobile and independent in your own home.

We were greeted by a lovely gentleman named Greg Hyslop and expressed an interest in the products because my wife, Yvonne, suffers with osteo-arthritis and I suffer from mild to acute pain in my lower back and neck.

The way the technology works is something I had never seen before. The device generates a cyclonic motion to deeply sooth and relieve muscle tension, and is significantly more comforting than most traditional massagers.

Almost immediately after the demonstration, Yvonne was walking with less pain in her shoulders and knees. Being older in age, we decided to invest in an electric massage bed, which is where we spend a lot of our time.

Shortly after our visit from Greg, we came across a TV advertisement offering a similar sort of electric bed with a “Free 30 Day Trial”.

We foolishly cancelled our order with Superior Lifestyle and placed an order with TV Shop, on the basis of the “free trial”. Needless to say, we regretted our decision as the bed that was delivered was incredibly poor in design and quality.

To give you an example, Yvonne (being less than 152cm tall) found herself trapped in the bed whenever the head and legs were elevated, meaning there was no practical benefit or support from these features. The massage vibration was also quite aggressive and therefore unlikely to be used.

We invited Greg Hyslop to come and inspect the purchase we had made and were delighted to hear that Superior Lifestyle would assist us in returning the bed to TV Shop.

You see, the Free 30 Day Trial advertised on TV is not exactly “free”. After being palmed off from one company representative to the next, we were forced to pay for the cost of delivery, the cost of returning the bed and a further cancellation fee.

It pays to read the fine print as with most things in life you can never be too careful… but in this instance, we weren’t given a fair or proper chance to read the terms and conditions!

We were left out of pocket with our purchase from TV Shop, but I am pleased to say that our experience with Superior Lifestyle has been wonderful and the quality of their beds are next to none.

The difference between the two companies are like chalk and cheese with Superior Lifestyle offering an electric bed of hospital standard.

Every step of the way, Superior Lifestyle were professional, diligent and committed to helping us achieve a better quality of life through deep sleep.

I would recommend Superior Lifestyle to anybody in the market for an adjustable bed and caution you against those companies out there looking to make a quick buck!

Yours sincerely,

Ross and Yvonne Stuart

Ross and Yvonne Stuart from Kings Beach, Queensland


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