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We've partnered with Netacare, a leading provider in South East Queensland, to help more of our clients obtain the best possible care. With a holistic approach centered around the client's goals, Netacare truly understand what it takes to live a Superior Lifestyle. Use the form here to make a referral. 

netacare, disability service provider, home care packages, NDIS, adjustable beds, assistive technology, lift assist chairs
netacare, disability service provider, home care packages, NDIS, adjustable beds, assistive technology, lift assist chairs

What is the NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a recent initiative by the Australian Federal Government that offers support for individuals living with disability. It recognises the fundamental fact that everyone's needs are different and offers participants the opportunity to receive allocated funding for goods that will assist in everyday life. 










You mean I don't have to spend my own money?

Yes! If you are living with a disability that impacts you in a material way, you may be able to tap into a pool of funding for the purchase of goods that will empower you to achieve your goals now and in the future. 

Superior Lifestyle is a registered NDIS provider and has supported a number of individuals through this process. For over a decade, we have helped Australians achieve a better quality of life and with the NDIS, it has never been easier!

Where do I sign up?

If you have evidence of your disability and how it impacts you, then you are likely to be eligible to apply for funding. To find out more information, visit for more information. 

How do I get an electric bed funded by the NDIS?

If you are interested in an electric bed, you will need to be clear on a few important questions:

  1. Has your NDIS plan been approved?

  2. Have you been assigned a plan-manager?

  3. Does your plan allocate a sufficient budget to "assistive technology"?

  4. Does the request for assistive technology coincide with your goals (and profile)?

  5. Have you sourced a qualified Allied Health Professional (AHP)?

  6. Does your AHP support the need for an electric bed or chair?

  7. Is the need for assistive technology "reasonable and necessary" as defined in the National Disability Insurance Scheme Act 2013 (Cth)?

  8. Have you received a quote already?

  9. When is the next date for reviewing your plan? 

Our guarantee to you is that all of our products will :

  • represent value for money;

  • directly relate to your disability;

  • be effective and beneficial to your mobility and independence; and 

  • reduce the strain on family, carers and the community. 

It is worth mentioning your core budget is flexible, and the NDIS  empowers you with the discretion to choose how to spend your funding. If you have insufficient funds allocated to assitive technology or woud like to review your goals, we recommend that you bring this to the attention of your NDIS Planner at the next date for review.

How can we help you achieve funding?

We will send a tailored quote along with all relevant attachments to the Allied Health Professional (AHP).


The AHP is responsible for completing the report to support your request for assistive technology and will then be in communication with your NDIS Co-ordinator to apply for approval.

From this point, the decision is out of our hands and is determined the National Disability Insurance Commission. 

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