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Soflex Sheet Set - 100% Organic Bamboo

Soflex Sheet Set - 100% Organic Bamboo

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🌟 5 Star Customer Reviews 

🎍 100% Organic Bamboo Fibres

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"The Soflex Sheets are fantastic! I get really hot sleeping on cotton sheets, so making the switch to bamboo has been the best decision. They're great quality." — Andrew James via Google Reviews

The perfect night's sleep wouldn't be complete without a set of buttery smooth, sateen sheets made from 100% organic bamboo fibres. Designed specifically to suit adjustable beds of any size or brand, with the superior quality our customers have grown to know and love. 


🎍 Breathable Bamboo-  

Our Soflex® Adjustable Bed Sheets are made with 100% organically grown bamboo fibres in an environmentally conscious process. The result is a natural and breathable fabric that helps you sleep at more even temperatures all year round. These thermo-regulating properties make our Soflex® Adjustable Bed Sheets perfect for an overactive thyroid and warmer climates.


🦠 Anti-Bacterial

Unlike cotton or linen bed sheets, our Soflex® Adjustable Bed Sheets possess anti-bacterial qualities which have proven to resist dust mites and allergens. They also fight against bacterial growth from body odours, sweat and moisture which is essential for sensitive and irritable skin types.


🥰 Silky Sateen Weave-

The thread count of a set of bed sheets is used as a rough indicator of their softness and feel. Our Soflex® Adjustable Bed Sheets pack an impressive 400 threads per square inch of fabric. But, it has also been made using a sateen weave, which gives a buttery smooth finish and lustrous sheen that is as soft and durable as silk — a fabulous upgrade to any bedroom.


🌍 Zero Toxic Chemicals-

Our Soflex® Adjustable Bed Sheets also carry the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 label, meaning our fabrics have been certified free from any harmful chemicals, toxic substances and heavy metals such as AZO colourants and carcinogenic dyes. This gives you confidence that you're purchasing a safe product that is kind to the planet and kind to your health.

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