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2020 Referral Promotion: Share the Good Vibrations!

Now there is even more reason to shop with Superior Lifestyle for the perfect night's sleep 💤

Scroll down to find out how you could earn up to $200 for you and your referral in Coles and Myer Group Gift Cards 😍

Our vision is to see more Australians living a healthier lifestyle and a life they love.

Empowered by our adjustable beds, pressure care mattresses and CV Health Systems™, we want to help more Australian's improve their Sleep Deficit and Sleep Hygiene.


To help us achieve this goal, we're inviting our customers to refer somebody who might benefit from our products.


If the referral results in a purchase of an adjustable bed and mattress with Superior Lifestyle, we will send both you and your referral a Coles & Myer Group Gift Card to the value of $100 as a token of our appreciation!

For full terms and conditions, visit our dedicated webpage below:


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