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When you decide you would benefit from purchasing electric beds Adelaide, you’ll naturally want to find out the adjustable beds prices Adelaide. As you would expect electric beds Adelaide can be more expensive to purchase than a regular bed. 

However, let’s consider what you are actually purchasing when you research adjustable beds prices Adelaide. Electric beds Adelaide offer the chance for a superior sleep and relief from a variety of health and postural conditions. Snoring and sleep apnea, back and neck pain, arthritis, heartburn and gastric issues and swelling and poor circulation - just to name a few. If you are a sufferer you might say that adjustable beds prices Adelaide are worth every penny!

Electric beds Adelaide come with many features that contribute to adjustable beds prices Adelaide. Most will have varying positions for head and feet. Some will include massage capabilities. All electric beds Adelaide these days have remote controls to make changing positions simple and painless. Some models of electric beds Adelaide will even have underneath lighting to make the control panel so easy to use during the night.

Is your partner a light sleeper easily woken up by the slightest sound? Choose your adjustable beds prices Adelaide to include a super quiet adjustment mechanism!


Superior wireless bed remote

Our quality wireless bed remote lights up in the dark for ease of access. Featuring a slim contoured design and easy to understand functions. 

1. Head Massage - Intensity up and down

2. Head & foot elevation - Press and hold to raise head and legs at the same time.

3. Leg elevation - Press and hold to raise Legs up.

4. Head elevation - Press and hold to raise head down.

5. Head & foot elevation - Press and hold to lower head and legs at the same time.

6. Leg elevation - Press and hold to raise Legs down.

7. Zero-G - Press and hold to raise head and legs to pre-set Zero G position.

8. Torch - Press and hold to turn on torch located on the top of the remote.

9. Flat - Press and hold to move heads and legs to pre-set flat position

10. Memory A & B - Press to automatically move into set position. Press any button to stop action. To set desired position push timer button for 3 seconds until control flashes then press memory a or b to set current position. 

12. Time indicator - 3 lights at the top will indicate what time you are on for massage or heat. 10, 20 and 30 min setting.

13. Head Massage - Intensity up.

14. Timer button - Push repeatedly for 10, 20 and 30 mins timer setting. Push again to turn all massage off.

15. Leg Massage - Intensity up.

16. Head Massage - Intensity down. Push repeatedly to turn off.

17. Massage style - push to cycle through 3 different types of massage: continuous, pulse and wave.

18. Leg Massage - Intensity down. Push repeatedly to turn off.

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