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Short Term Rentals

Our rental program improves access to our premium, hospital-grade adjustable beds, pressure reduction mattresses and lift recliner chairs. 

✅ PAy in instalments

✅ No Hassle Service


You can now hire select models and sizes of our equipment, including our adjustable bed bases, pressure reduction mattresses, lift assist reciner chairs and portable therapy devices!

To keep things simple, we do not charge any extra fees for drop off or collection and only require a minimum term of 60 days. All equipment hire is subject to the terms and conditions set out below and the accompanying Schedule issued on delivery. 

Terms and Conditions

1. Equipment

  • The equipment We agree to supply You, the applicable charges and the period of hire are set out in the Schedule.

2. Period of Hire

  • The specified period of hire commences on the date the equipment is delivered and ends when either:

    • the period of hire is complete, or

    • the equipment is returned to Us (whichever is earlier).

  • The specified period of hire may only be extended by mutual agreement in writing. We reserve the right not to extend the period of hire.

  • If You retain the equipment beyond the specified period of hire, You will be liable to pay Us an amount equal to the Hiring Fee for each period of use or part thereof, for as long as the equipment remains in Your possession. 

3. Your Responsibilities

  • You agree it is Your responsibility to thoroughly examine the equipment on delivery and satisfy Yourself of its condition and suitability for purpose.

  • You acknowledge that title to the equipment remains with Us and agree not to sell, transfer, assign, lend or otherwise deal with the equipment in a way that is inconsistent with this Agreement.

  • You agree to keep the equipment under Your personal control and maintain the equipment in good order and repair such that the equipment is returned to Us in like condition (normal wear and tear accepted).

  • You agree not to transport the equipment where there is exposure or potential for damage

  • You agree to indemnify Us, Our employees, servants, agents and contractors from all claims, demands, rights, causes of action, loss or damage which may arise in respect of the equipment or its use by You or any other person.

  • You warrant that You have the appropriate authority to enter this Agreement on behalf of all persons who possess, use or operate the Equipment during the period of hire.

4. Hiring Fee & Bond

  • The supply of equipment under this Agreement is subject to payment of the specified Hiring Fee in the Schedule. 

  • You acknowledge and agree that the Hiring Fee is non-refundable and applies notwithstanding any defect or breakdown of the equipment during the hire period.

  • Except where payment is made by credit card, You will be required to pay the specified Security Deposit (Bond) in the Schedule. A refund of the Bond is typically made within five business days of the end of the hire period by electronic funds transfer. 

5. Repairs

  • Should the equipment require an adjustment or repair during the period of hire, You agree not to use the equipment and notify Us as soon as reasonably practicable so We can arrange a date and time for repair or replacement. 


6. Return of Equipment

  • On collection or return of the equipment, We will carry out an inspection within five working days.

  • Where the equipment is deemed by Us not in good order, unclean, soiled or otherwise damaged beyond ‘normal wear and tear’, all costs attending to cleaning, repair or replacement will be deducted from any Bond held or shall be charged to Your nominated credit card.

  • You will be liable to pay for all costs in excess of any amount recovered by Bond or credit card charge.

  • You acknowledge and agree that any early return of the equipment at your own discretion will not entitle You to a total or partial refund of the Hiring Fee.

7. Purchase of Equipment

  • Where the equipment hired is available for purchase and we approve the purchase, You will be liable to pay the greater of:

    • the RRP less 50% of what has been paid under this Agreement; or

    • 50% of the RRP of the equipment.

8. Warranty

  • Except for such conditions and warranties required by law, you acknowledge no condition, warranty or representation is given by us in relation to the condition, quality, safety or suitability of the equipment.

9. General

  • This Agreement and the attached Schedule contain all the Terms and Conditions agreed between the Hirer and the Company, and any amendments thereto must be evidenced in writing.

  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth and any disputes arising in connection with these terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State of Queensland.

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