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Medical Health Benefits of Adjustable Bases

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Ask anyone with an adjustable bed base and they’ll tell you the health and medical benefits are many. However, let’s just focus on some of the main health benefits of an adjustable base for your bed.

1. Manage chronic pain. Neck and back pain can severely alter the quality of your life. Being able to manipulate the position of your bed as you sleep can help, often dramatically, reduce this chronic pain. One of the main medical benefits of adjustable bases for your bed.

2. Snoring. Snoring can radically reduce the quality and quantity of sleep your partner experiences. It’s a real problem. However, one of the health benefits of an adjustable base bed is being able to elevate the snorer’s head to reduce the amount of snoring. Your partner will thank you!

3. Sleep apnea. Ceasing to breathe while sleeping can be a serious problem. Sufferers can ofter be required to wear cumbersome, noisy and uncomfortable breathing apparatus to ensure their well being while sleeping. Again, by elevating the bed head you are taking advantage of the medical benefits of adjustable bases.


4. Circulation. Circulation issues can be a serious condition affecting not only your heart but the health of lower extremities. Being able to raise the foot of the bed is one of the main health benefits of an adjustable base. 

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