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Benefits of A Zero Gravity Bed

Superior Lifestyle - Zero Gravity Bed

Are there benefits of zero gravity bed? Well, NASA seemed to think so! They scientifically determined the optimal position for the body to be in to maximise its functions in zero gravity. It was not lost on manufacturers of adjustable beds that everyone could benefit from this knowledge to improve their sleep and hence their quality of life. And so the benefits of zero gravity bed came to be.

Resting in zero gravity provides numerous medical benefits. A flat bed can add pressure to the body's S-shaped spinal column. The benefits of zero gravity bed allows for the weight of the body to be evenly distributed to relieve pressure in line with the spinal column. Less pressure equates to a relief of pain in the back and neck.


So, in order to experience the benefits of zero gravity bed and the associated feelings of weightlessness (just like an astronaut) what does the bed actually look like? What position is it in? You feel the benefits of zero gravity bed when the head of the bed is elevated and the feet are also elevated at specific angles. A good quality adjustable bed will have an automatic setting for zero gravity so you’ll be able to enjoy all the benefits of zero gravity bed without any difficulty!

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