Positional relief

These products may benefit you and help you to live a better quality of life. You have made a wise decision. Sleep better all night and feel better all day. The diagrams (below) provide some insight into how our products work and the various supporting positions they provide.  

Flat Position


Leg Elevation 

Head Elevation

Zero G position 

May give you temporary relief from pressure points and lift pressure from the spine.

May give you temporary relief from tight joints, muscles and ligaments. 

May give you temporary relief from circulation issues, restless legs and fluid retention.

May give you temporary relief from respiratory issues, hiatus and more.

May give temporary relief from pain and gives an overall feeling of weightlessness.


Single Bed

63cm (flat)




King Single Bed

63cm (flat)




Double Bed

63cm (flat)




Long Double Bed

63cm (flat)




Queen Bed

63cm (flat)




Dual King Bed

63cm (flat)

203cm/80inch ea.

91cm/36inch ea.

250kg ea

1. Head Massage - Intensity up and down

2. Head & foot elevation - Press and hold to raise head and legs at the same time.

3. Leg elevation - Press and hold to raise Legs up.

4. Head elevation - Press and hold to raise head down.

5. Head & foot elevation - Press and hold to lower head and legs at the same time.

6. Leg elevation - Press and hold to raise Legs down.

7. Zero-G - Press and hold to raise head and legs to pre-set Zero G position.

8. Torch - Press and hold to turn on torch located on the top of the remote.

9. Flat - Press and hold to move heads and legs to pre-set flat position

10. Memory A & B - Press to automatically move into set position. Press any button to stop action. To set desired position push timer button for 3 seconds until control flashes then press memory a or b to set current position. 

12. Time indicator - 3 lights at the top will indicate what time you are on for massage or heat. 10, 20 and 30 min setting.

13. Head Massage - Intensity up.

14. Timer button - Push repeatedly for 10, 20 and 30 mins timer setting. Push again to turn all massage off.

15. Leg Massage - Intensity up.

16. Head Massage - Intensity down. Push repeatedly to turn off.

17. Massage style - push to cycle through 3 different types of massage: continuous, pulse and wave.

18. Leg Massage - Intensity down. Push repeatedly to turn off.

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Cycloidal Vibration Therapy 

Vibrational massage technology are in all our beds to help stimulate circulation, relax and soothe the muscles.


Back and legs dual massage and an option to alter the intensity of each motor independently. Massage function on a 10, 20 or 30 mins timer.

Dual Queen Bed

63cm (flat)

203cm/80inch ea.

76cm/30inch ea.

250kg ea

Our professional therapy equipment is adored by thousands of happy sleepers

When you suffer from daily pain, fatigue and other debilitating health issues, a good night's sleep can make all of the difference in living a life you love. We know that because our customers tell us so and over the past ten years, our adjustable beds, massage chairs and cycloidal vibration therapy has helped thousands of Australians get the proper night's sleep they deserve. 

Eligible persons may book a free product demonstration

Our sales consultants are bound by ethical sales policies

No pressure, no hassle and no obligation to buy 

Dual Wide King Bed

63cm (flat)

203cm/80inch ea.

107cm/42inch ea.

250kg ea

Experience the power of Cycloid Vibration Technology in the comfort of your home!

Improve mobility and independence

Alleviate fatigue and discomfort

With pain management and stress relief

Enhance tranquility and peace through deep relaxation and augmented repose. 

Thinking of going solar?

Check out our new electrical solar service:

Memory Foam Mattresses

Our promise to you

An Australian grown business supporting localised jobs and communities

Extended warranties available on our Superior Bed range

A dedicated customer service team based in Queensland, Australia

Positive health benefits and customer reviews

Sales practice and enforcement policies to maintain integrity

Ongoing investment and research into product development

SUPERIOR Adjustable Massage Beds


Better Sleep Improves the Quality of your Life.

Reduced muscle pains

Revitalising deep sleep

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Your Spine and Joints Rest in Their Natural Positions.

Mattress Features:


6. Unique washable zip cover

5.Dust mite and mildew resistant.

4. Designed to relieve pressure as the weight of your body is distributed over the entire surface

3. Open Cell Technology—allows air to flow through the mattress

2. Unique pressure-relieving mattress moulds to your body so that your spine remains comfortable and straight.

1. Temperature sensitive pressure-relieving, visco elastic material.

Government Healthcare Packages

We give FREE information on services the government provides through a registered healthcare provider. 

A registered nurse will assess your situation and advise on the possibility of these free services. The nurse will offer professional advice and can assist with commencing the process for you. This is a FREE no obligation service.

Adjustable Beds & Chairs Queensland, South Australia & Western Australia.

With over thirty years experience in retail sales, the team at Superior Lifestyle are proud to offer some of the best healthcare products at the most affordable prices. If you're no longer as able as you used to be or if disability interferes with your daily living then we may be able to help; give our responsive customer team a call on free-call 1300-825-931.

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SUPERIOR Adjustable Massage Beds


Better Sleep Improves the Quality of your Life.


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