Superior CVT Massage Chair

This chair is designed for clients that suffer with chronic pain conditions, muscle stiffness and poor lymphatic circulatory conditions. Additional to the standard lift/recliner, our patented CVT chair range has cycloidal vibration technology (CVT). Cycloid vibration is characterised by a unique 3-DIMENSIONAL VIBRATION, generated by an electro-mechanical ‘oscillator.’ This three dimensional vibration is the secret behind the powerful effectiveness of our CV Therapy products. A handy foot bar extension and detachable upper cushion suits all client’s comfort and needs, whether sitted, reclined or sleeping positions.

  • Features

    Thermo heat motors

    Thermo heat motors back and legs. Heat to body core temperature, easing aching muscles.

    Dual motor recliner

    Leg elevation and head recliner completely independent positional comfort.

    Hydraulic motors 

    Whisper quiet 24v DC brushless motors infinite positioning control and gentle lift and recline action.

    Heel/foot bar extension

    Innovative foot bar extension for taller individuals and extended sleep position.

    Luxurious fabric

    6 Fabric colour options with luxurious comfort & feel. Easy to clean Warick branded fabric for durability.

    3 Tier back support

     3 Tier back support -  lower , middle and neck with adjustable head pillow ensuring complete comfort.

    Cycloidal vibration massage

    Patented 3D vibration technology. Back and legs dual massage and an option to alter the intensity of each motor independently. Massage wave function on a 10, 20 or 30 mins timer.

    Lockable swivel castors

    Lockable swivel castors. Move the location of the chair with ease.

    Superior remote

    Specially designed for our CVT products. Featuring a slim contoured design and easy to understand functions. 3 X memory settings and light up buttons.

  • Warranty

    2 Year warranty - fabric/vinyl

    3 year warranty - motors & electrical parts

  • Size

    Small Version:

    Height of Seat: 49cm
    Width of Seat: 48cm
    Depth of Seat: 50cm
    Backrest height: 67cm
    Overall Width: 89cm
    Overall height: 100cm
    Capacity: 160kg


    Large Version

    Height of Seat: 51cm
    Width of Seat: 55cm
    Depth of Seat: 52cm
    Backrest height: 72cm
    Overall Width: 93cm
    Overall height: 110cm
    Capacity: 160kg

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