Bariatric Massage Chair

Our Bariatric Massage Chair offers greater support and comfort for larger individuals with a capacity of up to 250 kilograms and extra wide seat to suit. And we do not compromise on functionality. Our Bariatric Massage Chair come with massage vibration and heat therapy to help ease aching muscles and improve overall health, wellbeing and daily living. It has been designed to withstand frequent use and comes with an easy-to-use remote for the user/carer. 

  • Features

    Hydraulic Motors

    Our Bariatric Massage Chair comes with two 24 voltage hydraulic motors, allowing you to gently recline backwards and raise your legs individually at the touch of a button. With over 1000 possible positions to explore, you are bound to find the perfect setting for positional pain-relief and comfort.


    Thermo Heat Pads

    Our Bariatric Massage Chairs feature two thermo heat pads located in the back rest and leg rest. They will heat to 10 degrees above room temperature, creating the perfect environment to ease aching muscles and stimulate blood circulation.


    Full Body Massage Vibration

    Our Bariatric Massage Chairs feature a total of eight massage motors, located in the back rest, seat and leg rest for full body relaxation. You have the option of altering the intensity of the vibration to three different levels as well as eight pre-set massage programs for a more comfortable experience. The massage vibration can be timed to 10, 20 or 30 minutes.


    Back and Lumbar Support

    We have specifically designed our Bariatric Massage Chair to provide greater back support with two tiers of cushioning to ensure maximum comfort. 


    Premium Vinyl

    Available in two different colours, our Bariatric Massage Chair is complete with a luxurious leather-look vinyl material to ensure durability and stain resistance. With each purchase, we provide a complementary washable chair cover.

  • Sizes and Capacity

    Chair Dimensions:

    Height of Seat: 51cm
    Width of Seat: 63cm
    Depth of Seat: 46cm
    Backrest height: 70cm
    Overall Width: 107cm
    Overall height: 118cm

    Capacity: 250kg

  • Warranty


    2 year warranty


    Motors and Electrical Parts:

    3 year warranty (excluding the remote control)

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