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Our New Hybrid Mattress

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✅ Improved Air Flow Design 
✅ 100% Organic Cotton Cover

✅ Naturally Hypoallergenic

✅ True Zero Partner Disturbance

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Better sleep starts now

with our Hybrid Mattress

Our newest mattress offers a divine convergence of space engineered memory foam with individually cased steel springs to accommodate all body shapes and sizes. Our Hybrid Mattress was designed with side and stomach sleepers in mind and is adaptable to our adjustable beds for complete postural support. For a truly indulgent night's sleep, choose the Superior Hybrid Mattress.



King Single



Dual King 

California King

36" x 80"

42" x 80"

54" x 74"

60" x 80"

36" x 80" x 2

42" x 80" x 2

91 x 203cm

107 x 203cm

138 x 188cm

152 x 203cm

91 x 203cm x 2

107 x 203cm x 2

Available stock varies by size

Key Features

1. Organic Cotton Washable Cover

Our zippable mattress cover is made from 100% organic cotton and can be put in the wash to keep your mattress fresh and clean.

2. Cool-Gel Infused Plush Foam

A layer of cool-gel infused plush memory foam helps regulate body temperature by drawing heat and moisture away from the body.

3. High Density Support Foam

A second layer of high density support foam delivers exceptional comfort by contouring to your body's natural curves and alleviating joint pain.

4. Individually Cased Pocket Springs

Our alloy coil springs are individually cased to minimise partner disturbance and prolong the life of your mattress. 

5. High Density Edge Support

Our layer of pocket springs are housed in high density foam creating a hypoallergenic environment to repel dust mites. It also allows you to use the total surface area.

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Zippable Cover

Supportive layer for natural bone curvature

Cool-gel infused upper layer 

Superior Comfort

Our unique pressure-relieving mattress moulds to your body so that your spine remains comfortable and straight

Designed to relieve pressure as the weight of your body is distributed over the entire surface which may help with symptoms like back pain.

Pressure Relief

The science behind the pressure relieving qualities of memory foam technology are well documented. 

In the illustration, blue represents areas with low pressure, whereas yellow, orange and red demonstrate areas where the body experiences greater pressure.

Naturally, this worsens if you are a side or stomach sleeper.


What a memory foam mattress offers is a significant reduction in pressure and full body support through an increase in blood circulation.


It also helps to minimise tossing and turning throughout the night!

Ordinary Mattress

No Support

Superior Mattress

Full Body Support


Stay cool

With open cell construction, our Superior Mattresses allow air to flow through the mattress when pressure is applied. 


This allows for far greater breathability and temperature regulation throughout the night. 

Plus with a layer of cool-gel memory foam, this moisture wicking mattress effectively draws heat and sweat away from the body, for a cool and dry night's sleep.

Advanced  Technology

Memory foam was first developed by NASA in the 1970's to improve seat cushioning and crash protection for pilots.

Since then, memory foam technology has been used in a variety of commodities from helmets to shoes and, you guessed it, mattresses.


Experience what thousands of Australians already are and get the deep quality sleep you've been searching for with a Superior Mattress.